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Private landlords of North Manchester

Apartments2let is owned and run by Harry and Jane Johnston. We’re private landlords of luxury apartments located across North Manchester, which we maintain to the highest standards to ensure satisfied tenants. We’re a family-run business which was established 50 years ago when we began purchasing large Victorian houses and converted them into luxury apartments for the residential letting market. Over the years we’ve grown our portfolio of period homes and as private landlords we now offer a range of immaculate and well-maintained apartments that we rent to professional individuals, couples and families.

We own full blocks of apartments, not individual apartments within blocks so this helps with maintenance, upgrades and all decision making which would require an overall majority decision from a Management Committee on the standard ownership approach.

Apartments2lets’ journey started over 50 years ago when its owners were challenged by what to do with large Victorian houses that had outlived there use as family homes. Demographics had changed, bulldozing them had been an approach of the past, which aside from destroying heritage  had also destroyed bonds in communities.

Harry Johnston was the Managing Director of a building company and along with his business partner who is also his brother-in law, decided on an approach to convert these large Victorian properties into smaller self-contained units. Over the next 50 years they added to their portfolio as the right buying opportunities came along. As technology improved they continued to upgrade the existing portfolio whilst at the same time expanding it. This started out as a joint venture but due to individual retirement needs, now forms two completely separate companies but retains the same approach that has developed over 50 years and both companies are still in the same ownership.

Superior standard of living in Manchester

Every conversion we’ve undertaken has been carried out to the highest standard so our tenants can enjoy luxurious living in modern apartments.  At the same time our apartments still retain as many original period features as possible – both indoor and out, adding extra character to hallways, staircases, driveways and gardens.

Car Parking 

All car parks have numbered bays and automatic gates.  As some tenants want one space, some none and others two spaces (when available), we rent these under separate licences.

Private landlords you can trust

It’s important that the apartments we let not only look superb, but are also economical to run, hassle-free to maintain and easy to keep secure. As your private landlord we take these responsibilities seriously. We ensure all our properties have sufficient levels of insulation, efficient heating and ample security. Our tenants also have access to an online portal to easily report maintenance issues and can call a 24/7 emergency helpline should there be an urgent concern.

Our policy over this period has been to always reinvest into our existing portfolio and a third of our INCOME is reinvested back into our properties to keep ahead of all legislation. The apartments and the curtilage of our blocks are recognised for their aesthetics, looking pristine and well cared for and generally set the tone and expectations of what lies within.

We take pride in the high levels of service we offer our tenants – take a look at the reviews we have received .

Apartments 2 Let are professional private landlords in Manchester and we are on the register of Accredited Landlords. Accreditation number CHANGE



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